Eric Barton has been playing guitar since he was 12, influenced by the great folk artists of the 60s and 70s, such as Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, and James Taylor. He set a clear path for Jack & Dan to follow, through church choir, short-lived high school garage bands, cafe gigs, and CD releases with folk and bluegrass groups (for which he picked up the mandolin). During the day, he braves the front lines, teaching middle school math in Mead, CO.

Eric Barton

Acoustic Guitar: Chase the Sun, Better Together, Home Never Felt So Good; Mandolin: Better Together

Jennifer Caraluzzi is a Boston-based opera singer, hailed by Opera Today as a “polished, soaring soprano”. She completed her Masters Degree at New England Conservatory, where she currently serves as the Chair of the Preparatory School Voice Department, and as voice faculty for the School of Continuing Education. Jennifer is also currently pursuing her MBA in Music Business from Berklee College of Music and Southern New Hampshire University.

Jennifer Caraluzzi

Lead Vocals: Fighting For You, Better Together

Katie Harris is a Fort Collins, CO native who has been singing and performing since childhood. With experience in pop, jazz, and musical theater, she strikes an approach to vocal music that’s both contemporary and timeless. She currently performs across Northern Colorado as the lead vocalist of the jazz group Even Still, delivering jazz standards alongside unique arrangements from across the pop spectrum, from James Taylor to Beyonce.

Katie Harris

Lead Vocals: Home Never Felt So Good

A classically trained guitar player and vocalist, Jake brings his chops to metal, pop, choral, jazz and classical music, informed by the likes of Wes Montgomery, Steve Miller, and Joe Perry. After completing a Choral Music Education degree at Northern Arizona University, Jake taught elementary music in Arizona. Jake is currently a sales engineer for Sweetwater Music in Fort Wayne, IN.

Jake Landi

Guitars: Fighting For You, Home Never Felt So Good

Alex is a comedian filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY, with virtually no credits who had a video featured on over three years ago that he still talks about sometimes. He is cohost of The Blaze & Alex show, a meta daytime-comedy web series, and does a selfie-stick series called The Me Report.

Alex McKelvey

Music Video Director: Chase the Sun

Somewhat of a creative hummingbird, Lara Rose is and has been a photographer, a ceramic artist, a storyteller, a yoga instructor, and a scholar. She’s taken half a million photographs in her life, read half that many books, and written twice as many words. She’s currently Boston-based, pursuing her Ph.D. at Northeastern University. If you need her, call Barton & Barton—they’ll know which sweet, bright bloom she’ll be at next.

Lara Rose

Album Artwork: Fighting For You, Better Together, Home Never Felt So Good

Danielle is a performer, dance educator, and award-winning choreographer from New Orleans who’s shared the stage with Beyonce and Prince Charming alike, at the SuperBowl Halftime and Tokyo Disney, respectively. A former adjunct faculty member at Tulane University, she’s taught across the US, including NYC’s Broadway Dance Center. Credits include RENT, Hairspray, Aida, & Broadway’s 4nd Street (Germany Cast). She’s now Denver-based, performing at BDT Stage in Boulder, CO.

Danielle Scheib

Tap Dancing: Home Never Felt So Good