For the curious...

Are you really brothers?

Sure enough! We get this question often enough that it seems to merit at least this much real estate. Don’t worry, we don’t charge extra for the perfectly blended harmonies and telepathic piano arrangements (but it’d be worth it if we did).

Where can I see you play?

Well in pandemic times, unfortunately public venues remain closed. But stay in touch as the situation improves, and hopefully we can host you at a gig to give you a preview of the show! In the meantime, check out the promo videos on our PRESS KIT.

What type of music do you typically perform?

We excel in piano bar favorites: Billy Joel, Elton John, and beyond. But we also have a soft spot for 80’s anthems, 90’s pop-punk, and boy band classics. Of course, we’re always expanding our catalog and taking special requests. For an overview of the songs we have ready to go, check out our SONG LIST

Where are your prices?

While it’s always handy to have a flat rate visible in bold while you’re shopping, we customize our quotes to order. Depending on the length, type, and location of the event. One thing you can depend on is that our services are way┬ámore affordable than other local dueling piano options that will have your wallet *ahem*….howling in pain.

Do you travel?

Sure! We are based in Denver, and our booking rate includes 1 hour of travel (give or take).
Our quotes will increase on a sliding scale for additional mileage, and we may request lodging reimbursement for events that end late and/or take us several hours away from Denver.

How much space do you need?

If you’ve been to a dueling piano bar, you can probably picture those hulking grand piano shells. Don’t worry! We travel light, and don’t need more than a 6′ x 10′ space to thrive. You would be shocked at the nooks we’ve nestled into.

Do you have your own sound equipment?

You bet! After much trial and error, we’ve found a sound setup that is minimal, quick to set up, and sounds great. Our 700W Yamaha DBR10’s can be customized to handle a living room or an outdoor festival.

Do you play weddings?

Absolutely. We think weddings are a blast! In our humble opinion, we bring a vibe that’s different than your run-of-the-mill wedding band. If you’ve got a guest list 100+, we highly recommend adding a drummer to the mix. You won’t believe the energy it adds to the dance floor.

Can you play music for the ceremony too?

Yes, please. If you want to avoid hiring additional musicians, we’re on hand to help for the romantic moments too. Jack and I are the composers behind the piano artist Lake Isabel and would love to offer our classical originals or any request you’ve got. Shoot us an email for a custom quote, built for what you need!

Can you DJ too?

Great question. You’re probably not going to want dueling pianos all the way through cocktail hour and dinner.

While we certainly don’t claim to be professional DJ’s, we can make a mean playlist that plugs into the sound system. Same goes for if you want Taylor Swift playing while you walk down the aisle. Who could blame you?

Can you take requests ahead of time?

With enough lead time, you bet! If there’s a song you just have to have at some point in the evening, just let us know. We’re always looking to add great new tunes to our catalog.