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Today on the podcast, we speak to Makayla Dooley. She is a Denver based pianist, performer, singer/songwriter, teacher, organizer…. extraordinaire. The 3 of us went to UNC together, in different programs and in different classes. But we’ve kept track of what she’s been up to over the last several years, and have been really looking forward to reconnecting, and you’ll see why. I hit on this subject often enough that if you listen to this podcast regularly, you’ll be able to tell that we’re really interested in artists who are investing in their community and trying to create the scene they would like to participate and succeed in. There are plenty of folks who are trying to milk a scene and its connections for all it’s worth, that we want to highlight people who are trying something new, creating their own opportunities, and creating opportunities for others. 

And that’s what Makayla does. You’ll clearly be able to hear that her main objective is honest expression and genuine connection, and not profit or popularity. Her experience has taken her from the ultra competitive world of jazz performance, into a nurturing space of like-minded creatives away from those rigid structures. Currently, she has two projects — Moonglade and Nothing is Everything. She’s a full time music teacher in Denver, and she hosts a live piano-bar Karaoke night on Mondays at Pride & Swagger. Hope you enjoy this chat, and lookout for a quick cameo from Makayla’s mom who was in town visiting for the week and got to chime in from the peanut gallery! 

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